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First of its Kind

Published: 4:07:01 PM on 02 October 2019

The Cervical Dilating Balloon and Securement Device

m|devices has received a patent for its new Cervical Dilating Balloon. Created in collaboration with clinicians, the recently released product is specifically designed to support midwives and obstetricians ripen the cervix, pre-labour.

The patented design includes a single balloon to improve patient comfort and the absence of eyelets creates a closed system to reduce infection risk.

The Cervical Dilating Balloon provides a non-prescriptive approach to inducing birth and can be easily inserted and readily removed by a clinician when necessary.

The balloon is designed to hold up to 80mLs of sterile water. The balloon is held in place with the m|devices Securement Device, which is included with the product.

The recommended use of the Cervical Dilating Balloon is up to 12 hours* and patients using the device can often return to the comfort and familiarity of their home during the process. *

Use of the Cervical Dilating Balloon also avoids hyper-stimulation associated with pharmacological methods.

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*  if clinically permitted